Bishop Dr. Percival Mulbah was born in Liberia (West Africa). He is the founder of Kingdom Embassy Ministries. Dr. Mulbah was married on July 16, 1985 to Pastor Jane A Mensah-Mulbah. Pastor Mulbah is also co-founder of Kingdom Embassy. The Union is blessed with three beautiful and gifted young ladies, Stacy, Jessica and Precious.

Apostle Mulbah was called to duty in the Lord’s army in Liberia in the year 1978. He obediently heeded to the call and started his ministry. Later, Dr. Mulbah travelled to the United States of America to pursue his dreams and continue the work of the Master. In God’s Glory Dr. Mulbah achieved great heights in the academic field, by acquiring degrees in Electronic Engineering Technology, Master in Telecommunications Management, Master in Project Management and a PhD in Ministry. He was an Adjunct Professor at DeVry University until God impressed upon him to pursue a full time ministry. This endeavor he has undertaken under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Regarded as Our dear daddy by most of the parishioners, Bishop Mulbah has been actively involved with charities, orphanages, and has planted at least two churches. Most importantly, he has taught , mentored and has been a great inspiration to many who might have otherwise ‘thrown in the towel’

Some of us still call him ‘Pastor.’ He is a man of many fascinations but humility is a garment infused with his tolerant skin, broad tolerance for humanity indeed. He possesses a revelation of tolerance, which is very reassuring. He renders brilliant service to all and makes that light of God in him shine brighter by the day.

Apostle Mulbah presides over the Kingdom Embassy in Tucker, Georgia with rare dignity because of the broad spectrum of experience he possesses from his experience in holding services, meetings, crusades etc. and being actively involved with charities, orphanages and church plantations.

Dr. Mulbah is known for his warm and tender heart which makes serving God very reassuring. It is impossible to enumerate the experiences and love that this special vessel of God conveys and exemplifies. Simply put, “one loving spirit sets another on fire”-Augustine.

Brethren thanks for reading this page. I do sincerely hope it challenges you to ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling’ and with total submission to the Holy Spirit’


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